We are currently in a period of extraordinary development growth.

The company aims to create developments that offer a great lifestyle for residents.

We strive to improve the urban living environment, and in turn the resident’s lifestyle.

The company’s brand and social responsibility are an important basis for our development. As a socially responsible developer, and as a Chinese real-estate Top 100 Enterprise we aim to create value for the both the company and purchasers. We aim to expand through grasping every opportunity and create high quality projects to protect our brand and reputation.

We seek to be the most resolute of practitioners. This long-lasting steadfastness and focus will become Fuxinghuiyu’s sustained motivating force. We hope to travel further and more stably on this path of city construction.

Creation and growth of the Company, Brand and Social Values

At Fuxinghuiyu, we advocate a business management system of mutual value creation:

Through our developments we aim to create value for both the company and the urban environment.

Both the company and employees values and goals are mutually beneficial

The company aims secure high investment returns for itself and our valued partners.

Creating and sharing value

The company aims to build and deliver great products for our purchasers.

Create Trust and put our Purchasers First

In order for the company to develop our business we believe in products with our purchasers. Our goal is to build high quality apartments that reflect purchaser’s requirements. Through our comprehensive service we aim to ensure the client requirements are always put first.

Building sustainable Environments

In all our developments we advocate the concept of sustainable living through environmental protection and energy efficiency. For each new development the company places great importance on lowering energy consumption by proactively utilizing new materials and technologies. We have also reduced pollution emissions, use recycled materials and utilize clean energy. The company is actively moving towards new energy efficient building technologies and transitioning towards a more energy efficient and integrated development model.

Creating secure and harmonious communities

The buildings we develop are managed by our own property companies enabling Fuxinghuiyu to offer a comprehensive property service to our purchasers. Fuxinghuiyu has become one of the most influential brands in the Chinese property industry and we aim to create secure lifestyle communities for our residents.

We strive to create harmonious communities for our residents through the development of cultural, sporting and youth program community events. Examples of these events include the Pomelo Festival, Lantern Festival Party and Plant a Tree Day.